Chase Padgett  has been touring North America and beyond with his brilliant one man shows for the past 6 years. Each show has been met with rave reviews and packed houses hundreds of times thanks to their unique combo of music, comedy, and storytelling.

6 Guitars

A pitch perfect blend of music, comedy, and characters. Chase Padgett portrays 6 original guitar playing characters each with their own stories, songs and genre: Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk, and Country. (85 min)

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Nashville Hurricane

A curious tale of fingerpickin' fury. A manager, a mother, a mentor, and a prodigy tell their side of the rise, demise, and resurrection of the best damned guitar player you've never heard of... the Nashville Hurricane. (75 min)

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“In Padgett’s Hands a simple concept becomes a masterpiece”Orlando Sentinel