hase Padgett is a multi-faceted actor, singer, guitarist, & improviser.

Lately he is most known for being a semi-finalst on Season 1 of Fox's newest unscripted singing show, Alter Ego. Before that he spent a decade touring performing arts venues with original one man shows such as 6 Guitars.

In between touring, Chase is often busy creating music, short films, or new solo shows. He has been a guest entertainer for Disney Cruise Line and is a popular MC, Host, and Speaker for corporate events. 


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What makes these shows so special is the rare mixture of many performing skills in a single experience. The audience might be tapping their toes to a blues song one moment and then laughing until they can't breathe from an improvised bit involving an audience member in the next.

Combine those moments with some outstanding guitar playing and storytelling and you've got a recipe for rave reviews from patrons, presenters, & publications alike.

hase has built a stage career with his unique one man shows for over a decade. 



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May 17-28

Nashville Hurricane

Orlando FL


April 29

Nashville Hurricane

Lake Charles LA


April 13

6 Guitars

South Boston VA



These messages go directly to Chase. Feel free to inquire about any future opportunities or even just say hi! Chase loves hearing from folks who've seen him perform somewhere :-)

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