He went on to receive a BA in Music from the University of Central Florida. Since then music has been an integral part of his life and career. He loves all kinds of music but tends to play and write songs that compliment his surprisingly soulful voice. 

As a guitarist, he loves to play Blues, Jazz, & Rock though he can pick up most anything quickly thanks to his musical education. 

hase began his musical journey with the trumpet as a young boy. But when he found the guitar he never looked back.


Surprisingly soulful


Thanks to Covid-19, Chase suddenly had a lot more time on his hands. This lead to focusing on passion projects such as "Grim & Gran" with his friends, the Wonderheads. Chase arranged, recorded, and mixed the music for this short film.  He also filmed and edited the whole thing too!

Chase uses a Universal Audio Apollo interface for all his in home studio needs. 

hether it's improvising songs on stage or crafting tunes in a studio, making music has always been a passion  for Chase.



These messages go directly to Chase. Feel free to inquire about any future opportunities or even just say hi! Chase loves hearing from folks who've seen him perform somewhere :-)


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